Diesel Fuel Injection Workshop

Approved by Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Stanadyne we can cover work required on any diesel pump or injector. All our fuel pumps and injectors are repaired or reconditioned using only genuine parts!

Common Rail Injectors

  • Injector test and report service.
  • Reconditioning of injectors.

All our common rail injectors are repaired and assembled in our clean assembly room using the latest tooling from Bosch and Delphi. This room is temperature controlled and positively air feed to a filtration level of 2 microns. This level of cleanliness is required to prevent dirt contamination getting into the injectors during assembly and is a requirement for all Bosch and Delphi service agents.

We are Cornwall’s only Bosch and Delphi approved common rail injector centre. All Bosch and Delphi injectors are reconditioned to strict criteria and then tested using the latest Bosch and Delphi approved test machines with its own dedicated software. As part of the correct reconditioning procedure all injectors are issued with new Bosch IMA or Delphi C2i/C3i codes.

Common Rail Pumps

We can offer test, repair or reconditioning on all makes of common rail fuel pumps.

As part of the latest remanufacturing procedures all our remanufactured Bosch fuel pumps and injectors pass the Bosch Quality Scan procedure.

Traditional Mechanical Systems

Our diesel injection workshop is equipped to cover the testing, repair and reconditioning of traditional mechanical fuel pumps and injectors for all makes. We can carry out work on rotary, in-line and cartridge type pumps and all mechanical injectors.