Vehicle Diagnostics

We are fully equipped with the very latest Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Autodiagnos (now owned by Continental) diagnostic equipment, which means that we are able to interrogate your vehicles engine management system.

In using the dedicated diagnostic platforms produced by the leading fuel system manufacturers we have diagnostic capabilities far greater than most normal diagnostic machines.

We initially carry out a fault code check to read out any trouble codes (DTC’s) that have been stored within the computer’s memory. These can be helpful to trace intermittent and hard to diagnose faults that may not always being present when you have the car inspected. The next stage is to read live data relating to how the engine and its sensors are working, this is extremely helpful when diagnosing faults when driving or when no fault codes have been logged.

Remember, reading the codes from the handset is only the start. Our technicians have the abilities to translate these error codes and live data into real world faults, not just replace things and hope for the best.

If you need faults diagnosing with your engine management system, feel free to book in and have your cars ECU fault codes and data stream read. It’s inexpensive and can save lots of trouble and expense in the long run by misdiagnosis or by detecting faults in their early stages before they develop further.